What is it about?

Keeping track of your business’ KPIs and not wasting time while doing it.

Who is it for?

Big companies, smaller ones, startups and entrepreneurs.

Real time KPIs to track the performance of your business

It’s difficult to track and understand KPIs if you have to analize several platforms. With our Dashboard that is over, check real-time data and get informed at once.

Cross channel

Ads attribution won’t be a problem any more with Klarenz’s Dashboard. Integrate all advertising platforms metrics into one single, visual, efficient and modern dashboard.


A real time dashboards which is automatically updated 24/7, so every user will have instant access to critical data, anytime, anywhere.

Key indicators

We are not about vanity metrics, we guarantee that all most valuable KPIs will be displayed in your dashboard, so you don’t loose track of what it’s important to your business.


Build for you. Each business is different so we will adapt the Dashboard tou your critical data, channels, users and work methods.

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