ThePowerMBA is the online school that is revolutionizing the education market. Their MBA model for less than 500€ is on everyone's lips. It allows you to study from anywhere, anytime and learning from entrepreneurs and professionals who have already succeeded in their fields. Among its professors there are the founders of Glovo, Fintonic, Wallapop or Tuenti, among many others.

Google Ads campaigns in Spain and Latin America

ThePowerMBA trusts in Klarenz to manage its Google Ads campaigns. Search, display and video campaigns in Spanish-speaking markets will be wthe main task. The school is getting the majority of its leads through Facebook Ads campaigns, which they manage internally. To boost their Google Ads campaigns they have relied on Klarenz, due to the experience and reputation of our team in this field.

More acquisition in Google Ads

Klarenz's goal is to manage Google Ads campaigns, so that in a period of three months, CAC (cost per acquisition) achieved meets the objectives of ThePowerMBA and Google Ads has been positioned as the company’s first source of acquisition.

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